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Quiet becomes the first PC component retailer to offer a minimum two year warranty on every product line

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Press release

UK, York, Thursday 11th June, 2009: Long-standing British PC component retailer and distributor Quiet today announced a universal minimum two year warranty on every one of its products sold directly to end-users, effective immediately.

After examining and negotiating supplier policies, noting ever-increasing manufacturing quality and enjoying ever-decreasing return rates, its management decided that along with Quiet PC's current 30-day money back guarantee, a generous warranty period would give its customers the extra peace of mind of knowing that their investment in quality components was better protected than ever before.

Already contracted to service qualifying post-12 month warranty claims on behalf of key brands for customers who have purchased elsewhere, Quiet PC knows the value that consumers place on service and support, especially in today's environmental and economic climate where it is becoming ever-more important to make the most of what we have rather than adopt the "throw it away and buy a new one" attitude.

"We are very choosy about the products and brands we stock, and we want our customers to share the confidence we have in their performance", explained Glenn Garrett, M.D.  "Furthermore, I believe it is only a matter of time before Britain adopts new draft EU legislation making reference to providing longer warranties for electrical and electronic products, so we decided to lead by example and show our loyal customers that we warmly welcome proper and decent protection for their right to enjoy worry-free computing."