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Quiet offers PayPal as a new payment method for all e-commerce customers

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UK, York, Tuesday 4th August 2009: Long-standing British PC component retailer and distributor Quiet today announced that PayPal would be offered to all website customers as a convenient new payment method.

Success in e-commerce requires offering the customer maximum possible convenience. After a successful 3-week trial period, all Quiet PC customers will now be offered the opportunity to pay for their purchases by PayPal on a permanent basis. Already familiar to eBay users, PayPal offers the convenience of not having to type credit card details for every transaction, and also the possibility to pay directly from a bank account.

"We are always keen to offer choice and make life easier for our customers, and it was a pleasant surprise to see that 17% of customers chose PayPal over all our other card payment methods during the trial period", explained Glenn Garrett, M.D.  "We experienced zero technical problems with the payment processing system, and were very happy with the seamless integration into existing website."