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AVADirect Now Authorized CRU DataPort Reseller

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AVADirect has become an official CRU DataPort reseller. The lead data security provider was founded in 1986 and specialized in stationary and mobile data security.

The company has several unique products, including: DataPort, Data Express, RhinoFR (otherwise known as StorCase) and WiebeTech. These brands pioneered the physical data security transportation requirement for industries such as government, educational, and enterprise environments.

Such companies, for example, can be involved in audio or video productions, digital cinematography, security capture, disk-to-disk backup, and corporations involved in data archiving. We are excited to be a partner, considering our vast participation with government, educational, and business solutions, and look forward to the secure future it will provide for us and our clientele. 

To view more about our general reseller authorization click here.

To view more about our government reseller authorization click here.