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Tags: Ingram Micro (NYSE:IM)

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Press release

Ingram Micro has announced an exciting new venture to help IT resellers and their customers build and implement an effective Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy. Ingram Micro is teaming up with Microsoft to provide SAM Excellence, a programme which allows resellers to certify their end users on their Microsoft licence position. The programme aims to assist resellers in auditing existing software assets to ensure that users are compliant with licensing requirements while achieving the best value for money. It also provides the reseller with the opportunity to optimise customers' infrastructure.

The SAM Excellence certificate covers estates of 250 seats and below. It lasts for 12 months and certifies that end customers hold a valid licensing position for their Microsoft software. After an initial pilot, resellers will be able to access the SAM Excellence service by joining the programme.

Services will be delivered via an Ingram Micro web portal which allows an exchange of licensing information. This will help the end-customer to perform a self-assessment of the licence position and facilitate an agreement with the software vendor on any necessary actions. By following through the processes on the portal end-customers can receive software vendor acceptance and endorsement. The programme builds upon Ingram Micro's licensing knowledge and adds value to the services delivered to the reseller.

Ingram Micro is running an innovative marketing campaign around the new venture, using an illustrated character called SAM. Apay Obang-Oyway, Head of Software & Mobility at Ingram Micro explains: "End customers want to be confident of their licensing position and prove that they are compliant. We believe that businesses will see clear, tangible benefits from adopting a SAM strategy - they can typically save 20-30% on software licences in the first year while being in greater control of their software assets. A SAM strategy also ensures they remain compliant and avoid the risk of counterfeit software. Despite these clear benefits, SAM is often handled inefficiently as it's a complex and dry subject. By introducing the SAM character in a consumer-style campaign, we're demonstrating to resellers that there is a user-friendly way to help their customers achieve these benefits."

The Ingram Micro programme is fully backed by Microsoft. Karen Wale, SAM Partner Manager for Microsoft UK says "Ingram's innovative and straightforward approach to SAM will make it simple for small and mid size business to get back in control of their software assets, helping them derive full value from the investments they make in technology."

For more information, visit  or call 0871 973 3260.