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Hammer to Distribute Data Locker Encrypted Disk Drive

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Press release

Unique portable disk drive utilizes LCD keypad and PIN system to ensure complete data security

Basingstoke, 24th August 2009: Dedicated storage distributor, Hammer, has announced it is to distribute Origin Storage's acclaimed Data Locker portable disk drive in a pan-European agreement, where Hammer is the exclusive VAD for the UK and Nordics markets.

The product uses an innovative PIN system, requiring the user to enter their 6 - 18 digit number on the unique LCD keypad in order to access the content, ensuring the data contained is secure and can only be accessed by trusted sources.

The Data Locker utilizes a hardware based encryption chip to seamlessly encrypt and decrypt data using military grade AES (128/256) mode encryption. The other state-of-the-art features include: random keypad, one-touch drive erase for rapid re-deployment using admin password, brute force attack detect / self destruct response, and hardware based malware detection / deflection.

Gerard Marlow, Disk Business Development Manager at Hammer, says: "This product is the ideal amalgamation of storage and security. It fits extremely well into Hammer's portfolio, and resellers will find it will suit a wide range of their customers' portable hard drive needs."

Marlow continues: "In today's society, security breaches and losses of data are unfortunately common occurrences. Data Locker's unique security features, combined with impressive speeds and capacities, create the ideal environment for the transportation of sensitive data and files."

Andy Cordial, Managing Director of Origin Storage, stated: "Hammer has an excellent record in supporting storage manufacturers in the UK and throughout Europe, and was our first choice of distributor for Data Locker. Due to the positioning of Data Locker as a high-end AES hardware encrypted portable storage device, and Hammer's position as a high end supplier of storage solutions, it became obvious that Hammer was the number one choice."

Cordial added: "I am confident that Hammer will add awareness and value to the Data Locker brand".

Available in capacities of 160GB, 320GB, 500GB, 750GB & 1TB, and covering two levels of security: Pro AES, for corporate and local government; and Enterprise, for military and transportation of mission critical data, the Data Locker has the scope to accommodate all requirements.