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ARCHOS and its management team to take a controlling stake in LOGIC INSTRUMENT and create the leading European manufacturer of mobile terminals for B2B markets

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Denver, Colo - December 13, 2013 - The worldwide markets for tablets and smartphones are poised to grow respectively to 270 million1 and 1 billion2 units in 2014, about 15% of which is in the enterprise mobility segment.

Pressing needs are identified in many markets such as logistics, hospitality, transportation, education, health care. Businesses are searching for solutions that fullfill their specific mobility requirements: screen size, keyboards, enhanced battery life, connectivity, storage capacity, security, mobile device management...

"This takeover will provide the structure to quickly address the specific requirements of enterprise mobility. We must bring efficient solutions to this high growth market segment, while preserving within ARCHOS a strong focus on Consumer Electronics" says Loïc Poirier, Chief Executive Officer of ARCHOS.

Two complementary companies

ARCHOS brings:

-          Strong manufacturing capabilities and a wide range of tablets, smartphones and connected objects

-          An acclaimed Android expertise

-          A global presence and distribution network.


-        Over 20 years of experience in industrial and military markets

-        An expertise in developing ruggedized products.

-        A recognized know-how in B2B support, maintenance and customer service.

"By combining the industrial, commercial and technological strengths of our two companies, LOGIC INSTRUMENT will be optimally positioned to rapidly grow its market share. This takeover is an exceptional opportunity for LOGIC INSTRUMENT and its stockholders" says Jacques Gébran, Chief Executive Officer of LOGIC INSTRUMENT.

Enhanced expectations for LOGIC INSTRUMENT

Through the takeover with the ARCHOS group, LOGIC INSTRUMENT becomes a leading European player for business mobility solutions and offers:

-        A comprehensive product range of tablets, smartphones and connected objects

-        An agnostic approach for security and mobile device management

-        Turnkey and custom solutions with white label capabilities

-        Full customer service for IT manager and users alike

With ARCHOS, LOGIC INSTRUMENT will combine the aggressive pricing of Consumer Electronics with customization and excellence in service to enhance its ability to address the dramatic growth of enterprise mobility.

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2 Source IDC, 2013

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ARCHOS, a pioneer in the portable audio and video player market, and now specializing in Android Tablets and Smartphones, has repeatedly revolutionized the market for consumer electronics since 1988. Today, ARCHOS offers its own line of Android Tablets and Smartphones, as well as a full line of OEM devices. In 2000, ARCHOS launched the Jukebox 6000, the first MP3 player combined with a hard disk. In 2008, ARCHOS launched the first generation Internet Tablets, and then the first ever Android powered tablets in 2009. In 2013, ARCHOS launched its first generation of Smartphones with the ARCHOS Platinum series. ARCHOS has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. ARCHOS is quoted on Compartment C of Eurolist, Euronext Paris, ISIN Code FR0000182479. Website: www.archos.com


LOGIC INSTRUMENT was founded in 1987. In 2004, it was awarded the "Innovative Enterprise" label by OSEO. LOGIC INSTRUMENT is a market leader in embedded and rugged mobile computer systems for hostile environments. LOGIC INSTRUMENT also develops custom rugged mobile computers. LOGIC INSTRUMENT addresses corporate and government markets worldwide. Its headquarters are in Domont, France. It has offices in France, Germany and United States and is listed on NYSE Alternext Paris, ISIN Code FR0000044943.

More information is available online at www.logic-instrument.com.