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Kingston Technology 2007 Revenues Climb to $4.5 Billion

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London, UK (March 25, 2008):Kingston Technology Corporation, the independent world leader in memory products, today announced that total global sales for 2007 reached a record $4.5 billion (U.S.), an $800 million jump from 2006 revenues. The marked increase was largely the result of its thriving Flash memory business, which Kingston® entered on a large scale in 2003.

“Reaching $4.5 billion is a remarkable achievement in the history of our company,” said John Tu, co-founder, Kingston Technology. “When David Sun and I started the company in 1987, we never dreamed that this level of success was possible. We owe it all to the hard work of our employees and their dedicated support of Kingston’s industry partners, vendors and ultimately, our customers.”

“Kingston stands committed to building a high-quality product backed by outstanding customer service,” said David Sun, co-founder, Kingston Technology. “This was our foundation when we started 20 years ago and it remains our hallmark today. This dedication and conviction have allowed Kingston to endure and grow, even in today’s tough market environment.”

In addition to the flourishing Flash division, the company experienced growth in its ValueRAM® industry-standard memory, HyperX® memory for gamers and PC enthusiasts and a phenomenal jump in its Branded memory in 2007. Kingston Technology first reached the $1 billion mark in global sales in 1995, surpassing it with $2 billion in 2004 and $3 billion in 2005.

Starting with a single memory module in 1987, Kingston Technology now produces over 2,000 memory products and ships to more than 100 countries. With manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, Taiwan and the United States, the Company employs over 4,000 people worldwide.

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