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Exclusive: Jon Peddie predicts great second half of 2009 for graphics market

by Scott Bicheno on 6 February 2009, 10:49

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), AMD (NYSE:AMD), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA), Jon Peddie Research

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Fusion and Larrabee

HC: Is there still an opportunity for AMD's Fusion concept?

JP: Absolutely - and it will revolutionize the low end and even the midrange. Both AMD and Intel have pushed their GPU/CPU integrated parts back to 2011. That's not something to raise your eyebrows about or use as a predictive clue about the demise of the companies or the concept, but rather a clear indication of the benefit those integrated CPU/GPUs will get from 32nm.


HC: What are your expectations for Intel's Larrabee this year?

JP: Absolutely nothing. But next, OMG - watch out. This year will be a continuation of well placed and timed leaks with more tidbits of data, we may see a real spec sheet by Q4, and if we do it will be with first production units. But real production, and products you and I can buy won't show up till Q1'10 at the earliest as far as my crystal ball can tell.

"When Larrabee shows up it will give ATI and Nvidia a real run for the money - regardless of what you hear those two say about it."

Then when Larrabee (I like to call it Larry's Bee cause one  of the prime developers is a guy named Lawrence) shows up it will give ATI and Nvidia a real run for the money - regardless of what you hear those two say about it.

However, ATI and Nvidia have had over a year so far and one to go to get ready for it, and they have probably 4x the number of world class graphics engineers that Intel has so they won't be easy to knock over or out perform them. That means it comes down to a marketing war and Intel's argument about programming environment. And that will not be proven out till we get to run some benchmarks which probably won't be till CeBIT 2010.


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I think another reason the GPU sales has slowed down, is due to the lagacy of the 8800 series, and the fact that there's no real need to upgrade. I'm waiting for the next series of nVidia cards, as I have no major gain in performance, or need, from my current 8800GTX.

I think that the 40nm GPU's will provide an worthy performance gain to be worthwhile. This, and dx11 support!
Jon Peddie
I think it's brilliant - it's primarily a marketing move. Nvidia has taken one of their existing MBGs (motherboard graphics - the name for what used to be called IGPs but since there's no memory controller to integrate anymore it's just a GPU that gets glued on the system board and uses UMA) and repackaged it with an Atom.

The 9300/9400 as a chipset for Intel FSB equipped parts (core2 for notebooks and desktops, atom for ion) does feature the memory controller.