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NVIDIA: Intel’s current mobile phone strategy won’t work

by Scott Bicheno on 25 August 2009, 07:00


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Assessing the competition

When we left part one of our exclusive interview with Mike Rayfield - the GM of NVIDIA's mobile business unit - we had started to discuss the ARM ecosystem. This is a collection of semiconductor companies that all license designs from UK company ARM to use in their own low-power processor designs.

Inevitably, many of the companies in this ecosystem compete with each other, and this now includes NVIDIA. We ask Rayfield how he thinks Tegra compares with what the rest of them, such as Qualcomm, have to offer and what he thinks of the competitive threat posed by Intel, which has made no secret of its own low power processor ambitions.

Rayfield doesn't pull his punches in assessing Intel's low power processor strategy, dismissing it as "dehydrating a notebook", but concedes that he needs to keep an eye on them.

In the second half of this part, we move onto the only two Tegra design wins we currently know about. Rayfield tells us more about the capabilities of the Microsoft Zune HD and Samsung M1 portable media players and explores the potential of being able to dock these kinds of devices and view their content on your home PC or TV.



Part 1 - NVIDIA: Tegra is our future

Part 3 - NVIDIA: Tegra will have four times better performance next year

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