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NVIDIA: Tegra is our future

by Scott Bicheno on 24 August 2009, 07:00


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Betting the farm

Graphics maker NVIDIA has so far spent $600 million on the development of its low-power chipset designed for use in smartphones and smartbooks.

When you consider that the total value of the company over the past year has only been around ten times that amount, and that there has yet to be a single device sold containing the chipset, it's fair to say that NVIDIA has staked its future on Tegra.

In this first of three exclusive interviews with HEXUS.channel, Mike Rayfield - the general manager of NVIDIA's mobile business unit, who was appointed four years ago specifically to run the Tegra project - confirms that Tegra is the future of NVIDIA.

Speaking during a visit to UK chip designer ARM, Rayfield discusses NVIDIA's relationship with ARM and why he thinks Tegra offers a better solution than a chipset using ARM's own graphics designs. He tells us about design wins to come, why they haven't come sooner and the massive potential he sees in the mobile Internet device market.



Part 2 - NVIDIA: Intel's current mobile phone strategy won't work

Part 3 - NVIDIA: Tegra will have four times better performance next year

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