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You cannot buy a bad smartphone now - ARM


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Even a $35 offering more than covers the basics.

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I agree, I just bought one of those cheap Alcaltel Pop smartphones as a backup phone for the car glovebox and for just Ā£35 it's quite impressive what you get for such a small amount of money thesedays, camera, wi-fi, Bluetooth,GPS, FM Radio, a decent quality colour touch screen and to my surprise it's more than fast enough to run Google Earth.

The only obvious cost saving area they seem to have cut back on in order to pack the phone with all the goodies seems to be the rather weak battery which won't last much more than a day if you use the more power intensive features for extended periods.
“You cannot buy a bad smartphone now” - So even the Intel powered ones are OK then are they ARM?
The A7 is a stonking core for the money, seems to have been a real game changer. Hopefully the A53 will take off in the same way and get us a 64 bit performance boost.
What utter tosh.

While the CPUs/SOCs to run these things are now VERY capable, for most people it is not the processor that causes headaches. It is low resolution displays, poor touch registration and lack of RAM…..None of which are addressed by ARM.
I don't think ARM have ever used a cheap Sony phone before…