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EnerPlex launches Surfr Battery and Solar case for iPhone 6


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Measures less than 15mm thick and enables more than 10 hours of extra talk time.

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Why is it a unique concept? Because putting your phone out in the sun is going to bake the internals of your phone, to the detriment of lithium batteries. If you are in the car breakdown emergency scenario he pictures and for whatever reason, your phone was dead and you had to boot it; baking your phone in the sun, then cranking the CPU to boot, you are probably going to see that iPhone overheat screen. :P Then your battery is going to be dead again and you'll be back to the start.

You then go about repeating the process remembering to let the phone cool first! But wait this is the UK, you have spent 6 hours trying to get a charge off the sun but it has now set. You have managed to find a stretch of road where no one travels. You are left alone and angry. Angry at yourself for all those times you left your phone to charge in the sun for the past few months, letting the heat eat away at the maximum battery capacity. If you hadn't done that, your battery probably wouldn't have been flat all those hours ago.

Your family wonders where you are. You were meant to have been back hours ago for your mothers birthday. As you cry into the car seat, half empty bottle of alcohol in one hand, dead phone in the other, you fall into an uncomfortable sleep.

“Good night sweet prince”, the spectre whispers from outside the car window as the cold darkness of the night moves in to surround you.
Because putting your phone out in the sun is going to bake the internals of your phone, to the detriment of lithium batteries.

To be fair, he corrected himself to say put the case on the roof, so you would only fry the batteries in that, and not your entire phone ;)

An hour in the sun gives you 3-5 minutes of talk time, I doubt that'll be enough to actually get someone sent to help you in “an emergency situation”, and he's probably talking about an hour of sun in Las Vegas, not the UK. You'd most certainly be better off buying an external battery and keeping it in your glove box, the charge in those lasts many months and takes a couple of hours to top up.

As for the solar cell being revolutionary in that it's the thickness of “a few human hairs” and still stays “rugged”? Well I don't imagine that the cell itself would be strong; I've worked with solar cells before and the cheapest of the cheap cells you can buy on ebay are VERY thin (so nothing revolutionary there) and fragile… the thickest part of them is the backing that the silicon is mounted to. This means that if you want a stronger cell, presumably you just need a stronger backing, which isn't usually necessary because cells are mounted in modules in panels in arrays and don't move much.

So it's basically a battery case, which is already a saturated market, with a crummy, tacky looking and (almost always) useless solar cell. I think I'd rather see an external battery bank with a hand crank on it, similar to ones seen on torches, as an emergency power source.
i think its for those who u knw who wrk in sun or u knw walking into sun or anyother reason
but u r right its internal parts can be damaged by sun too
thanks by the way
u hav wrote awsm
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