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AMD FreeSync removes costs associated with proprietary tech


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Or so Robert Hallock opines when defining benefits of FreeSync.

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So will nvidia users be able to use freesynk?
So will nvidia users be able to use freesynk?
That depends on Nvidia. AMD are making it so that anyone can include the tech to make it work cost free, but that doesn't mean Nvidia will do so. They may choose to not include it to try to leverage their licencing of their own Sync technology.
I was just debating this with a friend, since there isn't really any extra communication between the monitor and GPU with nvidia's g-sync (according to anandtech there's some polling the monitor to see whether it's in vblank or not, but that was removed in a later implementation) there's no particular reason nvidia couldn't support freesync. They might charge for it I suppose like they did with their 3DTV service (no reason a computer and 3D TV shouldn't work, indeed it does work, charge the customer Ā£50 for the software anyway)
There's no technical barrier to Nvidia supporting DP Adaptive Sync. There's also no technical barrier to monitors using the same dispaly controllers that implement DP Adaptive Sync to support G-Sync (as the actually complicated driving circuitry is duplicated, the differences are in protocol).
Good Karma points for Amd ^_^ I'm still waiting to hear which/if any projectors will have this tech though…