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AMD desktop Trinity APU interview: what to watch out for


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In a wide-ranging talk, AMD desktop VP, Leslie Sobon, discusses next-gen Trinity APU.

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Watching it now but noticed there's no metadata to the article (date, author, quick link…). It might be useful to add those ;) Cheers!
EDIT: Just realized after posting that the video didn't buffer (not sure if it's Flash plugin problem or latest Chrome's) so a warning to watchers that also want to post comments that it's best if they open the forum link in a new tab/window and write their comments there.
Good question about the lower power but more powerful CPUs. I think there is too big of a gap between low power CPUs and high power CPUs today. On one hand you have E350 and Atom low power CPUs, and on the other nothing that consumes less than ~60W, which is already too much, in my opinion, for a desktop CPU, not to mention the 100W power-hungry behemoths. I wish a CPU that consumes about 20W, and is as powerful as the lowest end AMD APUs today. Then we could have perfect, quiet, small and unobtrusive PCs with still enough power to run even older games, and other more computing intensive programs.

Regarding touch screens and gestures, I think nothing can replace the promptness of a keyboard and the precision of a mouse. Touch screens make sense only for tablets and smartphones. I can't imagine myself using anything else for professional work like video and audio editing where precision and swiftness is of utter importance, and that you cannot get with touch or even more so with gestures, or voice. These are just futuristic concepts seen in Sci-Fi films, that are just impractical in the real world. Having said that, I do see touch screens gaining in popularity for some specific tasks, but definitely not all tasks. Also, a feature like that would imply huge changes to the GUIs of programs that are optimised for mouse use these days.
I would never work for a lady boss… hmph
I would never work for a lady boss… hmph
lol why not? :P

Nice interview btw. she made some good points, can't wait to get Trinity in my HTPC :D.
I would never work for a lady boss… hmph

I think that way of thinking died long time ago ;). some of the most resilient people on earth are women <Try bringing up some kids lol>, plus, some of the most relaxed, productive and positive environments I`ve been in have been with lady boss`s. I think Leslie Sobon (xx) is a very smart lady and i think more people like her are needed @ ATi/AMD.

Keep the desktop Alive Leslie Sobon :D