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SCAN Ivy Bridge Overclocking Day - Benchtec


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Overclocking Ivy Bridge the professional way. But is the headroom as good as Sandy Bridge?

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A 3570k,a H80 in a hot environment pushing 5.0Ghz on 1.35v temp 67c. This sound to good based on reviews.
Sounds impressive, also he said it was outperforming a Sandy Bridge i5 @ 5.4ghz so again better than I had expected from reports of poor overclocking performance.
Great Videos there :)

3570K seems to be much-much better on temps rather than 3770K (sum say's because pasta solder joint stuff and hypertreading on 3770k). So yes 67c it's good call and to be honest sounds so hard to believe (damn i forgot the link…googling it bro) at first that IB OC lets say at 4.6GHz is equal plus minus with the performance on SB OC at 4.8GHz.
IMHO i think 3570K is the sweet spot on IB processor right now :)