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ASUS talks up 2012 laptops and full-HD Prime tablet


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Transfomer 700-series has a lush screen. Sign of things to come, no doubt.

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With the G75, does that mean the keyboard doesn't have double sided tap like my G73Jh? I can't comment on the G74 but I suspect it was the same too.

Its getting on for 2 years old and would like to clean out the fans.

It's been such a wonderful laptop. Even plays BF3 very well, be it at 1920x1080 on Low/Medium

Is there any reason as to why they stopped there Radeon variant of the G series? G75 would likely have been a very good performer with the Radeon Mobility 7970 (Presumably a Radeon 7870 desktop core with reduced clocks). Would likely have been on par with my Radeon 6970 given the slightly higher clocks given the smaller 28nm fabrication
it's great to know that ASUS laptops will have full-HD Prime tablet, that would be exciting. my laptop is Asus and it's really amazing to have this unit.
Always see interesting kit coming out of the Asus camp.
didnt mention anything about the UK availability of the 7" tablet as previously it was said it would be US only. Would be really nice to have clarification on that because i want one!