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HEXUS - CES 2009 :: First showing of the Street Fighter IV arcade stick


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

Mad Catz took some time out from beating each other to show us their range of Street Fighter IV peripherals, starting with the brilliant arcade deck.

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Ive just seen this show and i have to say all though them SF sticks do look nice what the guy says is totally untrue.

You can By Pre made sticks using Sanwa sticks and Buttons here in the UK for the last 8 years and not only that you can make you own for £40 to £50 and all so have pre made ones from £70 upwards. This stick he is touting is not New to UK and USA at all unless its new just because they have brought out there own version.

You can goto to see what i am talking about. Now only that i make the same thing for xbox , xbox 360, ps2 , ps3 and pc using sanwa parts as well and sell them on ebay.

e.g you need a totally piped out stick -

or the sanwa pimped out version single player for £90 in vat

Not wanting to steal his fire or any thing but its not a UK first at all …. These are Upgraded X-Arcade systems by the way. And i do the ones with the 4 buttons across my self all hand made.
For got to add if you need to see what the lights do here is my c-maccs with the same buttons fitted -

The above sticks can be adjusted to do the same. Again to add if you check out my own project log below for c-mac's 2 you can see a system ive been working on developing for a while using 8 Button config set up. This system again can play xbox , xbox 360, ps1, ps2, ps3, nitendo Wii, infact all consoles ever made as well as PC. The concept pics in the Log are a little old but i do have pics showing its 1/2 built i just haven't put them up yet.
lol, He's back and as enthusiastic as ever :laugh:
Where can I pre-order the SFIV Tournament Stick ?
I looked an several sites, but couldn't one wich accepts pre-orders, or they don't ship to the UK.