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HEXUS - Computex 2008 :: Thermaltake Spedo


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Nick walks us through the Thermaltake Spedo, a case packed with handy features for the serial fiddler.

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Before I go and open this, please tell me Nick isn't in trunks!!
Man funkstars so cool, he posts in threads before the OP :P

Though I do share his concern :surrender:
No trunks, but watch it to the very end ;)
No trunks, but watch it to the very end ;)

Just finished it, I'm amazed they still let him into these things. :lol:
interesting case… might be a worthy successor to my Xaser III, just need to hunt down more details… and at last a new case without a door.. yay!!..

are we allowed to mob nick and hit him with all our inflateable weaponry now? i have an axe from kung fu hustle, its only inflicted pain on my sister.. would nick like a go?