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XFX Factor - Day 3 - Phil the cross-dressing rocker goes through!


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

In the second round to decide the finalists, Phil from the Gutted Clan pulls out all the stops and shows us his cross dressing freakazoid best...

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I'm sorry to sound ungrateful and I love Hexus en' all but did you not film anything else at i33 apart from the guitar hero competition.

Would like to see how big, what else is there, whats playing, gaming competitions etc.
Yeah I have to say, unfortunately the GH3 stuff wasn't that interesting either, at least not for 8 or so videos :(
….. We have a load more coming this week - with the XFX Factor being time sensitive we wanted to get it out through the weekend!
We have the World Record Skulltrail overclock attempt filmed as it happened, some Rainbow Six Vegas 2 stuff, Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red, Fragmasters,a couple of walk rounds and plenty of other shows from i33 all in the pipeline.

As DR says, we wanted to get the XFX Factor stuff out as it happened… but rest assured there was plenty of other cool stuff going on that we also found time to shoot.