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Interview with ATI/AMD's Dave Orton


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'That's a great question' - interviews former ATI CEO - and now Executive Vice President of AMD's Visual and Media Businesses - Dave Orton, discussing the ATI/AMD merger. Find out exactly what we asked him....

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Nice interview. I did chuckle when I heard the intel chimes at the end though.
Nice, could get interesting then, if AMD are going to be concentrating on the ATI merger then it could be a while before we see AMD kick back at Intel's C2D chips but if theres going to be integration in other fields then that could give them advantages that could then be moved to the desktop in the same way that Intel concentrated on mobile tech and then shifted a fair chunk of that into desktop…
I think there's some fairly obvious manufacturing benefits for ATI out of this; the high end X1800, 1900 and 1950 series have been great performers but have tended (from what I've seen) to basically require a hovercraft bolted to the side for cooling. AMD's expertise in die-shrinks ought to feed quite well into that requirement to reduce power consumption and temperature.