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Review: Team Group T-Force Delta Max RGB SSD (500GB)

by Tarinder Sandhu on 27 December 2019, 08:00

Tags: Team Group

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...a niche product, for sure, the Team Group Delta Max RGB SSD's uniqueness is its main selling point.

It's always nice to see a manufacturer try something new, and Team Group does exactly that by plying a regular 2.5in SSD with full-coverage ARGB lighting. The end result is the Delta Max SSD available in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB flavours.

Using a tried-and-trusted combination of a Silicon Motion SM2258 controller and Micron NAND, the underlying drive is a good example of a regular SATA SSD from a performance point of view. That, of course, is not its headline feature.

Instead, the use of ARGB makes this, as far as we can tell, a unique product in the marketplace. The display takes up most of the top, offers consistent lighting, and doesn't half add illumination in a dark chassis.

Obtaining RGB requires a third cable, preferably on a 5V ARGB header, but the question we keep asking ourselves is whether it makes sense. For most, the answer is no, because you are paying a 50 per cent premium compared to a regular drive housing the same performance. It also gets hot from ARGB, putting the longevity discussion back on the table, but for those of you who absolutely love your PC base unit to be full of colour, we can't think of another SSD with quite the same impact.

A niche product, for sure, the Team Group Delta Max RGB SSD's uniqueness is its main selling point.

The Good
The Bad
Available in 1TB capacity
Looks impressive when ARGB on
Gets pretty hot
Not fans of the logo and writing
Significant premium over regular drives

Team Group T-Force Delta Max SSD 500GB




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No. No it does not make sense.
Well RGB can be okay if you use it right, but many seem to do it wrong letting it run the default all colors changing rainbow mode.
I would / will only be using 1 color, and maybe 1 effect.
And as i am on a Gigabyte motherboard with its very poor RGB software ( it don't really work for me any more ) then i have turned RGB off on the motherboard but i am still using it on the RAM and the GFX card with their own respective software.
And i do plan to add a RGB strip or 2 to my next project case, but i am still only going to use 1 color there.

I stopped using blue light in casemods back around 2004, and i changed to flat black and red, and next case i think will be flat black + yellow.
BUT ! this might change as i have not yet come to terms about what i am going to do about all the silly glass panels on the level 20 XT case, i am even contemplating not having a “peephole” at all.
But instead maybe install a PTZ camera inside the large case, though this i think will be problematic due to PTZ cameras not really being able to focus on things that near to the camera.
Would be more cool with a LCD screen covering it, on which you could do interesting colors and graphics ASO

Though i think that will require yet another connector ?
Coming next, to a PC near you, RGB LEDs on the screws holding the motherboard in place…
well you could make a single RGB SMD and then have a socket next to the mount hole / screw, so when you have done that up, you slide the little PCB with the RGB diode in the board mount so it cover the screw.
But for the love of god don't tell anyone, this RGB fab have already gone too far, just like the use of blue LED light in / on stuff have gone on for 10 years too long.