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Review: Corsair Harpoon RGB

by Chris Elt on 11 November 2016, 14:01

Tags: Corsair

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Software and Summary

While most gaming peripherals will function just fine without the need to install additional software, practically every manufacturer is keen to push additional features available via an optional app. Corsair's offering, dubbed CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) has the added benefit of being able to manage multiple Corsair peripherals via one user interface.

The available features vary depending on connected device, and in the case of the Harpoon RGB, it's an understandably streamlined set of options split into four primary tabs: actions; lighting effects; DPI; performance.

Ensuring a good degree of separation between this mouse and higher-end alternatives in the Corsair catalogue, the software provides the expected core functions without pushing the boat out. The built-in macro recorder works as expected, buttons can be re-assigned to other functions or media shortcuts, and the five DPI profiles are easily adjusted.

What's missing are the finer tweaking options available to premium Corsair mice. DPI can't be adjusted independently for the X and Y axis, there's no surface calibration, and backlight brightness can't be tweaked - it's either on or off. You can, however, create multiple profiles with ease, and these can handily be linked to programs to activate automatically.

Some gaming software can be overwhelming for casual gamers, yet Corsair's Harpoon RGB implementation gets most things right. It isn't too complicated, the available features are well presented, and though the software isn't necessary it feels like good value as part of a low-cost peripheral.


The sensor is a safe option at this price point, the bundled software is well thought out, and if you're fond of small-and-light mice, the form factor ought to be a good fit.

Having established a firm foothold in the gaming peripheral with an initial flurry of high-end hardware, Corsair has in recent years expanded its reach with the introduction of more affordable options for mainstream gamers.

The latest release is the Harpoon RGB, a £25.99 optical gaming mouse that doesn't break the bank yet manages to tick a fair few relevant boxes. The sensor is a safe option at this price point, the bundled software is well thought out, and if you're fond of small-and-light mice, the form factor ought to be a good fit.

There are, however, a few provisos to consider. The gap between the primary buttons is an acquired taste, as is the left-sided cable position, and while the price is a major attraction, the Harpoon RGB ultimately struggles to deliver the comfort of pricier alternatives.

Bottom line: with tech prices expected to soar in the year ahead, a sub-£30 gaming mouse with six buttons, RGB lighting and a capable optical sensor is frankly a welcome break from the norm.

The Good
The Bad
Available for under £30
Precise optical sensor
Useful bundled software utility
Small and light, if that's your thing
Lighting concealed during use
No left-handed version

Corsair Harpoon RGB


The Corsair Harpoon RGB gaming mouse is available to purchase from the Scan Computers.


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time for a real one:

Just to add to this review:

Having read this reiew and a few others spending £30 on a mouse for me is quite a big deal , yes I've spent a bomb in the past on razer products etc (looks great prformes better some times and breaks) and never really seen the benift of it.
Hence for the last 3 or 4 years every time a mouse/ keyboard was needed it would be the daily grind on google to check reviews etc for cheap chinese products, and to be fair I had found some crackers that where well worth the money and time seaching for a cheap fix.

OK so back to the harpoon.

Make: corsair (good name.. bragging rights /trusted etc). 10/10

feel : slightly on the small side but not minute, like a lap top mouse so size isnt too bad, feel.. not as good as some the matt finish is just a very fine martex imprint and with time I can easily see this becoming shiney with use.
texture isn't as good as some cheaper chinese mice with dual injection molded textures taht give a nice tactile feel wit a rubber coating at half the price………….. these also wear better in performance in lower dpi.
the sides are dual injected layed with a rubber texture… this seems to be be grippy but not overly so like the gel on a jame donkey and should wear well with time.
so i'd give it 7/10

switches: very good, never/not had a problem , they are responsive and the scroll wheel ….i love it has the perfect speed for me, they aint silent my any means and quite loud but hey who cares on a mouse.

Optical sensor: again you can't fault this any speeed you want up to 600 dpi, only reason youd need more is with a 4k monitor and a fps, I play at normal hd and to be honest 600 dpi is a waste one me, 2 or 300 yep anything more what are you paying for?.

software: there is no inclusive software! repeat nothing in the box apart from a waranty card, a leaftlet in someother language or another and a link.
downloading corairs link software is a easy… but for most people now this should have been a ed or even usb driver stick with this one (less peole are useing optic drives now and thumbdrives are as cheap as discs?)
Ok software download:
And weighing in at 148mb its huge to change the dpi or colour of the led light.
that said it does the job but is a totally graphic porno app rather than a simple to use … does the job afair.
3/10 <needs to do better>

personaly I think this mouse is £10-15 over priced, my last mouse a james donkey wasa third of the price and did me proud for a year with no issues… time will tell on this one… I sould be eating my words but having spent £70 in the past for a years worth or mouse action but…… I dont think so .

In use its good but not perfect by any means, I can pick a mouse at a third of the price that will last a year doing as well, question is will this corsiar last longer to jusifiy the price?

Pricing: 6/10


Extra added after 3 weeks use:

You can really see a shine starting to happen on the mouse buttons, they are still matt but now with a satin wear zone from my fingers.
yes they are still tactile and working fine just not looking so good <thinks> maybe a sub £20 harpoon no led none rgb option …… might be my ideal mouse?

I will add to this review month by month and maybe add photos… my target is 12 months, can the mouse survive like that out the box (well all ready no…. its getting shiney)….. time will tell tho

Stay tuned :D
I have the same mouse and definitely agree with some of the points. It feels a bit small and the build quality is mostly fine, but in some areas is bad (too much scroll wheel lateral movement). I also think the position of the side buttons isn't ideal - as I often accidentally click them whilst gripping the mouse. The cable was also very awkward to use at first; it was very stiff and definitely got in the way when gaming in the first few days.

Would rate mine 7/10. Would happily pay £5 less for a non-RGB version.
i love RGB wireless mouse. But recently I bought wired mouse for gaming. I think it's always good idea if your budget is medium then go for wired. I like CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB. Corsair Harpoon RGB is good option as well.