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Review: FSP Group - Universal Notebook Power Supply

by Nick Haywood on 18 May 2005, 00:00

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FSP Universal Notebook Adapter

FSP Universal Notebook Adapter

Picture the scene: You’re belting around, all proud as punch with your new laptop, getting out at every opportunity and showing the world how cool and cutting edge you are with your widescreen, the faultless DVD playback and the sheer raw powah of your portable delight. But what’s this? The train you’re on is delayed… no problem as you’re running off of one of their thoughtfully supplied power sockets, but it does mean that you’re cutting it fine when you finally arrive, so you pack your kit up sharpish and scurry off, unwittingly leaving behind the most important bit of your lappy… the power cable.

Now normally these things seems to cost a disproportionate amount of money to replace, especially so if you go back to the manufacturer. After all, they are only a portable transformer and a couple of bits of wire… and then there’s the fact that you either have to hunt down an online supplier or find a shop somewhere that sells them, all of which is a royal pain when all you want to do is get your work off your now flat laptop.

This is where FSP come in with their Universal Notebook Adapter, the NB90. Coming complete with 6 interchangeable DC output jacks, the Universal Notebook Adapter is compatible with most popular notebook models from brands such as Sony, Dell, IBM and Toshiba to name a few. The interchangeable DC jacks will let you smugly allow others to charge their lappies from your cable too… definitely a ‘one-upper’ in the office.

The UNA supplies 90 Watts, which is compatible with most 19v notebooks, and has a patented input fuse protection system with complete circuit protection too, so your laptop is well protected.

With a price point of roughly £36.99 and available from Maplins, the super cautious amongst us might even want to get two; one for travel, one for work and leave the laptop’s original adapter at home for use there where it can’t get lost. With power coming this cheap, you’ll never be keeping an eye on the battery level again.

For more info, head to www.fsp-group.com.tw

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This is great! Replacement power packs can sometimes cost up to £100 especially if they are on a discontinued model.

Thumbs up to FSP.
agreed. god knows how much an ibm replacement would cost…
Just found out th0at this won't work with my Dell Latitude C600. It has a silly proprietary connecter not a DC Jack.

Which is a bugger because it is starting to break and their are no UK ones for sale on Ebay.
Look at laptopshop. They do AC adapters for C-series Latitudes for £41.11 inc VAT.
Cheers nicho, gonna have to get one before this one falls apart.