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Review: Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset

by Tarinder Sandhu on 31 May 2018, 14:01

Tags: Corsair

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Sound Quality

Just like the HS50, these wireless cans have a pleasing sound that's on the warm side. Playing regular audio provides, in my opinion, the same sort of quality one would expect from £40-£50 headphones from a respected brand. Without tweaking in Corsair Cue 2, the HS70 favours boomy bass that's accentuated by the fully-enclosed over-the-ear design.

Detail is solid and most gamers won't be disappointed with the overall reproduction. Sure, they struggle a bit on the treble but never sound harsh. The microphone is up to scratch, too, with Skype recipients able to make out good audio quality at all times.

Moving over to gaming, hitting up Far Cry 5 results in a good experience. That slightly boomy bass plays better in games, with explosions given proper heft. HS70's volume is limited insofar as the drivers never distort. I could argue that they deserve to go a shade louder, but that's a subjective feeling. Others reported them as being adequately loud and clear.

Playing around with the presets doesn't improve the gaming performance any, in my opinion, while the virtual 7.1 implementation is, at best, reasonable. I'd recommend users sticking with standard stereo on the HS70.


In a natural move to extend the HS line farther, Corsair's HS70 becomes the first non-Void to feature wireless connectivity. In fact, it is very reasonable to think of this model as the HS50 but without wires, and that means a comfortable fit, good build quality and sound quality that's warm, even if the default audio profile feels a tad touch too rich in bass.

Wireless headsets from big-name manufacturers don't come cheap, so the £99 asking fee feels a touch expensive. My recommendations would be for Corsair to use a softer, more cushioned earcup material, and to have a more neutral sound by default. Other than that, as a premium gaming headset free of wires, Corsair does a good job with the HS70.

The Good
The Bad
Good, simple design
Excellent mic
Generally comfortable
Decent battery life
Earcups feel stiff on first wear
A tad heavy handed with bass

Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset


The Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset is available from Scan Computers.


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They look a bit cheap and nasty to me - but at £99 for a wireless pair thats not a surprise as well, that is cheap for wireless headphones.

Seems reasonable value tbh but certainly not “premium” in any way…(a premium pair would be something like the Steelseries Artic Pro) it would be interesting to compare these against the current “king” of budget wireless headphones - The Hyper X Cloud Wireless.