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Review: Corsair K63 Wireless

by Parm Mann on 5 February 2018, 16:00

Tags: Corsair

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Lapboard and Summary

The K63 is designed to be a versatile tenkeyless option for PC gamers, but the ability to go wireless begs the question; where is it going to be used? As a standalone product it isn't great on your lap, and if you do wish to detach and sit back, K63 needs an accessory to complete its living-room transition.

Said piece of kit is dubbed the Lapboard. Available as a £55 optional extra, and not to be confused with the ungainly Lapdog from 2016, Lapboard is essentially a 670mm x 277mm x 52mm tray designed exclusively for the K63 Wireless.

A £160 bundle deal makes the complete package more palatable, and if you struggled to get to grips with the Lapdog, K63 and Lapboard are much easier to live with. The keyboard's wireless capability ensures no trailing wires, it slots in with no hassle and is secured by a couple of plastic clips, the built-in wrist rest is quite comfy, and the cloth mouse pad surface is replaceable should it show signs of wear further down the line.

The 1.85kg weight is well distributed, giving the Lapboard good balance, and the memory foam underside feels comfortable during use. We wouldn't go as far as to call it elegant - my wife is looking forward to seeing it leave the living room - but if you insist on couch gaming with a mechanical keyboard and a proper mouse, Corsair's bundle ticks the boxes.


...vivid LED backlighting, dedicated multimedia shortcuts, good battery life and Cherry MX Red key switches that many gamers know and love.

The K63 Wireless is a welcome addition to Corsair's burgeoning range of gaming peripherals. Offering greater versatility than many of the firm's existing offerings, the keyboard promises universal appeal by offering a tenkeyless form factor that can be used either wired or wireless over 2.4GHz/Bluetooth.

Flexible connectivity is bolstered by decent build quality, vivid LED backlighting, dedicated multimedia shortcuts, good battery life and Cherry MX Red key switches that many gamers know and love. The bundled palm rest is a little flimsy, and costs quickly spiral if you consider the Lapboard accessory, yet the duo remains a viable choice for living-room gamers.

Bottom line: want a mechanical keyboard that can connect to most things and be used in most places? Corsair's K63 Wireless is a safe bet.

The Good
The Bad
Petite tenkeyless form factor
Choice of wired, 2.4GHz or Bluetooth
Cherry MX Red key switches
Vivid blue LED backlight
Good battery life
Palm rest feels cheap
Pricey when paired with Lapboard

Corsair K63 Wireless


The K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is available to purchase from Corsair and Currys.


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If this is anything like my recently acquired K65 LUX then it'll be a cracking keyboard. I don't mind the cable but would've probably gone wireless if it was available.
Looks great, shame they don't do one with a numberpad as well.

Would like to have best of both since I don't just play games all the time :)

A full keyboard would have definitely done one better than Logitech's G613 offering.
Seems great, but I would much prefer if they went with a white backlight.
I like this keyboard except for it not having the number pad. It also seems to command quite a premium over the wired version of this keyboard, which I don't think it deserves.
I love the keyboard for HTPC/Gaming in the living room. It has a good feel and perfect size. I replaced my corded mechanical keyboard with this one and there is no lag whatsoever. I had the Logitech g900 mouse since it was designed for 1ms connection and it also plays perfect vs a wired mouse, but there was not a comparable keyboard until now. You will not be disappointed in this keyboards performance.

Where they went wrong is not having an auto shut off after 10 mins or so. It actually has physical switch and if you leave it on by accident it drains the battery as if you were using it. I don't think it actually works for 75 hrs either, even sitting idol for probably 70% of the time (with the back-lighting turned off the whole time), it was dead in 3 days. They NEED to build auto sleep into the firmware then it would be great. It sucks having to remember to turn it on and off or come back to a low or dead keyboard.