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MESH Computers to supply high-end PCs to high-street retailer

by Steve Kerrison on 2 November 2006, 13:38

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UK PC manufacturer MESH Computers has struck a deal with high street chain Comet. MESH will be the suppliers of Comet's new range of high-end systems.

The move will allow Comet to provide consumers with PCs that provide enthusiast levels of performance, available online or on the high street.

MESH is, of course, thrilled to have struck the deal with Comet, which has an annual sales figure of over Ā£1.5bn in the UK. Tony Riccardi, General Manager of MESH, said the following:

For the first time in a large-scale retail environment, customers will be able to compare our specifications next to those of Sony and HP. This is a really proud moment for all of us. All of MESH's systems are built to order right here in the UK, and we have production capacity for more than 100,000 units a year.

It look as though MESH's Elite Extreme Core 2 Duo PC will be one of the systems hitting the high street, going up against offerings from better known high street PC names. Nevertheless, the system performed very well when we examined it, and its bespoke high end specs could well win over the high street consumer.

Indeed, perusing Comet's website just today, we found a couple of SKUs already available and ready to dispatch!


MESH's press release.

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kudos to mesh. Thats a big deal.
yeh right, they might be on the way up. i always used to like mesh for pricing, just not customer service :(
Well I presume Comet would be handling the customer service, so it's good alround :)
Well I presume Comet would be handling the customer service, so it's good alround :)

very true are comet good in that department?