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MESH AM2, 7950 GX2 systems get lucky upgrade

by Steve Kerrison on 10 July 2006, 08:43

Tags: MESH Computers

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A number of orders for a super high-end system from MESH have been delayed, but for what reasons? An interesting story has unfolded and the outcome includes a free upgrade to DDR900 RAM, for now at least.

The story starts a month ago with one customer creating a thread in the MESH.care@HEXUS forum, requesting that he be kept apprised of the status of his order. The system in question being an Xtreme AM2 7950 GX2. It doesn't take much of an enthusiast to work out what kind of hardware's in such a rig, but just in case, we're talking Athlon 64 FX-62, the dual-GPU GeForce 7950 GX2 and a heap of fast DDR2 RAM.

The first real problem hits when the CPUs don't show, pushing shipping dates for orders back. When they do arrive, on the 4th of July, the quantity doesn't prove to be quite what MESH was hoping for. With the promise of more CPUs on the way, however, the withering patience of customers would just about hold out.

Unlucky for poor MESH, the problems didn't stop with delivery shortages. The DDR800 memory for use in the systems proved unstable with the ASUS M2N32 motherboard. Still, with customers getting horny for some Xtreme action, MESH couldn't really afford to keep them waiting much longer if they could help it.

So, finally, MESH concoct a plan to satisfy everyone, as explained by one of their staff in our forums:

Long term - Asus will supply a bios update now the fault has been reported by MESH/nVidia and a host of others. A matter on days/weeks until all runs well.

Short term – We will be 'upgrading' all systems in the interim to DD2 900Mhz RAM which is proven to work, at no additional cost. Some '900Mhz' pieces have arrived today [6th July] and the outstanding balance to arrive on Monday.

The currently shipping systems, then, will have DDR2-900 RAM installed, to solve the issues and finally get these high-end systems out to customers. At least one customer has provided feedback in the aforelinked thread, advising that they've now received their system and it's working properly.

We can conclude from this, that it's no easy task being a system builder. And, while various factors seem stacked up against them, hindering MESH and trying the patience of their customers, they've managed to find a satisfactory solution. What's more, the HEXUS.care scheme comes up trumps as a great way for customers to find out about the whole affair and show them they're not alone in playing the waiting game.

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