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CuBox-i is a 2-inch cube computer starting from $45

by Mark Tyson on 4 September 2013, 13:45

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A new line of tiny computers that can fit in the palm of your hand have been announced by Israel based tech company SolidRun. This is a range of tiny computers that measure 2-inches in all three dimensions. The CuBox-i range consists of four computers which are powered by Freescale processors with prices starting from $45 for the CuBox-i1 with a single core processor, 512MB of RAM and wired Ethernet connection to $120 for the CuBox-i4 with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and additional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

If you think you’ve seen little computers like the CuBox-i before it may have been one of the CuBox Mini-PCs produced by SolidRun from 2011. Those wee machines sold for upwards of $120. With these new CuBox-i computers SolidRun has managed impressively to limbo under both the size and price barriers.

Below I have embedded a table showing the members of the new CuBox-i range, their specifications and their prices.

The Freescale iMX6 SoC helped facilitate the creation of the new CuBox-i range of computers thanks to its price, performance and scalability. “We want to enable everybody to do whatever their imagination drives them to do with our mini-computers. Our team had to work very hard to pack in such a rich and high-end set of features and still keep the cost at levels that make this product a no brainer choice for everyday projects,” said Kossay Omary, CEO of SolidRun. “The i.MX6 System-on-Chip series provides the perfect scalability for balancing power, performance and price.”

The CuBox-i range will have software options including several distributions of Linux, the XBMC Media Center software and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The firm says there will be a “limited number” of machines available to the first people who pre-order so urge swift purchase clicking from those interested in the CuBox-i range.

RasPi meets CuBox-i

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The low-end is a good price, considering it includes a case and faster processor than the Raspberry Pi.

But the shipping cost is not insignificant. And it doesn't have the ecosystem either.
I think if you compare this to one of the many media player devices out there (like http://www.ebuyer.com/501755-sumvision-cyclone-android-x2-dual-core-smart-media-player-with-standard-remote-cyclone-android-x2 for example) it doesn't seem that impressive really.
Not bad for the price, but I'm wondering how expensive it will be in uk after all taxes.
I think this has the potential to be a lot more than just a media player.Linux + Samba gives you the ability to run it as an active domain for a windows network or even a small web server. That could be a real plus for people who have mixed networks at home (for example I have machines running w8, w7, vista and android tablet - and the vista machine is about to be Linuxed)
I am loving how these micro devices are developing, 1GB of ram should be the minimum to aim for with that hardware though.

I am a total novice at DIY systems like this, I simply haven't applied myself to get to grips with it all, not so much the hardware side but more about connecting keyboard/mouse and understanding the OS and integration into networks ect….not sure I have the patience to cope when things don't work first time.

But that said, the more I see of things like this developing, the temptation returns to at least try.