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Intel lets loose 510 Series SSDs

by Parm Mann on 1 March 2011, 23:36

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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There's no shortage of super-fast SandForce-based drives doing the rounds at CeBIT 2011, but while many of them are merely "coming soon", Intel has launched its new 510 Series SSD and made it available immediately.

The drive, available in 120GB and 250GB capacities, is Intel's first to utilise a SATA 6Gbps interface and delivers read speeds of up to 500MB/s and write speeds of up to 315MB/s.

That's a 2x and 3x increase, respectively, over the company's current 3Gbps drives and the increase is made possible by the use of a new controller. Unlike Intel's previous models, the new 510 SSD makes use of a third-party controller from Marvell, coupled with Intel's existing 34nm NAND flash memory.

Intel's quoted speeds don't quite match up with what we've seen from the latest batch of SandForce-driven models, but the 510 SSD is still insanely quick and it's available right now - Scan.co.uk* has both the 120GB and 250GB models in stock priced at £224.54 and £462.30, respectively.

Need to see the benefits before you buy? We're working to bring you an in-depth review, but in the meantime check out the Intel-provided video demonstrations below.

*As always, UK-based HEXUS.community forum members will benefit from the SCAN2HEXUS Free Shipping initiative, which will save you a further few pounds plus also top-notch, priority customer service and technical support backed up by the SCANcare@HEXUforum.

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no love for the guys on a budget then, shame :P was hoping i could pick up a good 60gb SSD for £70 this year!
These drives are just dissapointing. They are quick in some situations but their random r/w is bad. If the price was more budget than mid range then it would have been fine. As it stands now, the C300s (Marvell controller also) aren't that much worse than the 510s. I will look forward to the C400 (can't be bothered with Sandforce's firmware games)
no but then again we are seeing speeds nicely increase, we've not seen that form Intel since the p3 days!
random read write speeds have not improved at all. These drives only offer 20k IOPS which is a very important metric for pro users.
I do testing in VMs where high IOPS figures are important
I'm awaiting benchmarks before jumping to any conclusions :)