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Microsoft fixes Windows update that impairs gaming performance

by Mark Tyson on 26 April 2021, 11:11

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA), Windows 10

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PC gamers have been complaining about impaired gaming performance in the wake of one of two Windows 10 patches; the KB5001330 update, or the preview version of the same which was dubbed KB5000842. An official Nvidia staff member on the GeForce forums has already recommended those affected by slower gaming after these updates to 'roll them back'. Now Microsoft has at last acknowledged the problem and started an action to fix the mess.

On the Microsoft support page linked above the OS provider says that "A small subset of users have reported lower than expected performance in games after installing this update. Most users affected by this issue are running games full screen or borderless windowed modes and using two or more monitors." This update to the situation seems to have been filed this weekend. Microsoft's 'small subset' isn't that small if the ComputerBase users survey is a good representation of the market, as approx 20 per cent of users say they were affected by this games performance issue.

Microsoft will be using a new-ish vector to iron out the performance sapping issues caused by applying KB5001330 / KB5000842. As long as you are not gaming on an enterprise managed device you can simply wait for the issues to be resolved by Microsoft's Known Issue Rollback (KIR). KIR is a server side update system which can be used for servicing and bug fixes "enabling us to quickly revert a single, targeted fix to a previously released behaviour if a critical regression is discovered," explains Microsoft.

The KIR process has now been initiated, and it is claimed this fix will be propagated automatically to Windows 10 PCs in about 24 hours via Windows Update. A system restart might help prompt the update if it doesn't start of its own accord.

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Typical Microsoft!
Typical Microsoft!

Typical! Knee-jerk! Reaction!
Lol, my games where starting in windowed mode even if set to full screen.

Thought I had broken computer again.
Why, after so many years, we have the same problems that we had back in windows xp updates?
Why, after so many years, we have the same problems that we had back in windows xp updates?

Can you think of any similarly sized software projects that haven't had patches that sometimes need subsequent work? I mean it's great that MS are addressing problems still and it's worth Hexus pointing out especially those that impact on gaming, but it's not otherwise astounding. Security will always take priority over gaming.