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Nvidia Quadro Experience software now available

by Mark Tyson on 28 May 2020, 12:21


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Nvidia has launched a new software accessory for users of its professional line of graphics cards. The Nvidia Quadro Experience is available immediately, and users of the green team's consumer graphics cards probably have a good idea of what kind of functionality it provides. Yes, it follows quite closely in the footsteps of the GeForce Experience. Key features include; 4K recording capabilities, alerts for the latest driver updates, game optimisations, and access to desktop management tools.

Probably the most attractive features of the Nvidia Quadro Experience are the screen recording and sharing capabilities, at least according to Nvidia's choice of testimonials. Native screen capture and 4K desktop recording capabilities are claimed to be very welcome for professionals who work in geographically dispersed groups, for example. Such capabilities will "accelerate product development cycles, design reviews, and more," says Nvidia. One click sharing makes the capture/recording facilities even more usable. Moreover, Nvidia implements an Instant Replay feature for users to automatically record up to the last 20 minutes of desktop activity to capture spontaneity or unforeseen events.

Nvidia Quadro Experience has direct sharing support for platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Alternatively users can broadcast directly from their desktop to multiple viewers for an easy, convenient sharing experience during presentations, training, and meetings - without any extra setup or apps.

Driver updates are auto-checked and can be one click applied by the Quadro Experience software. A testimonial provided by Nvidia glowingly claimed that "Getting alerts for the latest drivers and being able to directly download them in Quadro Experience helped streamline my work."

Gaming features such as Ansel and Freestyle make an appearance in this debut release of the Nvidia Quadro Experience too. Nvidia says that, perhaps more importantly, Quadro users who wish to dabble in their favourite games at the end of the working day can access the same optimised game-player settings and their GeForce brethren.

The Nvidia Quadro Experience software is available immediately, scroll to the botton of that page for the direct .EXE download link.

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I'm not quite sure what the intention is with this. Quadro cards are usually found in workstations which are used for CAD/CAM, Video or 3D Rendering. Workstations which are built for reliability with RAID and ECC RAM.

I doubt businesses will be willing to entertain a program that does streaming, screen recording or has game optimisations as it has no relevance and may introduce unreliability.
Clearly its aimed for youtuber/twitch streamer.

It would be very niche, but for marketing/pr, it might make sense if they want to establish it as a halo product, opening up avenues for sponsorships and stuff; meanwhile, the CAD/CAM users already know what they're buying, so they'll likely ignore the marketing waffle in this or have something more appropriate aimed at them.
It's aimed at people working from home/remotely.