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Rosewill unleashes the HERCULES 1600W power supply

by Mark Tyson on 29 November 2012, 15:04

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Rosewill has announced a new unit will be joining its range of 80 PLUS Silver-certified power supplies. It’s at the extreme end of the range and made to supply enough juice for the most demanding gaming enthusiast machine and turn your CPU and GPU-accelerated dreams into reality.

The new power supply is called the HERCULES 1600W, so you already know the maximum wattage of this unit. However it’s not a raw-power-brandishing brute which possesses no grace; it is equipped with a 135mm 'silent' fan, packaged in a deluxe silver casing (Ed: looks black to me) and has a maximum 89 per cent efficiency rating. So the HERCULES 1600W will run quietly and coolly and might have been considered a wolf in sheep’s clothing if it wasn’t for the HUGE billboard-sized type emblazoned upon its side which shouts “HERCULES 1600W”.

So it’s a power supply, and a powerful one, let’s move on to the tech specs of the unit, which should be much more useful to interested parties than another paragraph of descriptions, encouraged in the press release, like EXTREME, WHOPPER, MONSTER etc...





80 Plus Rating

Silver Certified


> 85%, Up to 89%


Silent 135mm


Fixed Cables:

1 x 20+4-pin Main Connector Cable
1 x 8-pin EPS12V Connector Cable
1 x 4+4-pin ATX12V/EPS12V Connector Cable
Modular Cables:

16 x PCI-E 6+2-pin Connectors

16 x 5-pin SATA Connectors

6 x 4-pin Molex Connectors

2 x 4-pin Floppy Connectors

12V Dual Rail

+12V1@ 110A, +12V2@ 50A

SLI & Crossfire Ready



5.9" x 3.4" x 9.5"


The 'silent' fan features an auto-fan regulation control but there is also a 'Turbo' button for maximum performance. Of particular headline-worthy note the HERCULES 1600W has 16 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors. This power supply has plenty of power and connectors to “power a 4 way SLI or Crossfire for the highest-end GPU PC Gaming setup”.

The HERCULES 1600W is shipped in appealing packaging and with a great selection of cables which will appeal to creators of all sorts of heavy-wattage-requiring setups. The press release says it’s available now but I can’t spot it at any UK dealer, however US dealers are listing this power supply at a colossal $399.99.

Is your rig man enough to take on the HERCULES?

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Nice enough psu, dandy little aluminium case for it, shame about the cables not being individually sleeved..
Is there any need? Really?
Is there any need? Really?

I can't imagine what you would need this much power for, processors are starting to use less power and i'm guessing GPU's will go the same way….
I'm thinking quad PowerColor HD 7990 Devil 13s … I think Hexus should do a competition with one of these PSUs and four of these graphics cards :-)
Maybe if you already had a Devil 13 then won another one in the Hexus competition…? ;) Two of those plus a load of other heavily-overclocked high-end hardware could potentially rocket you over 1kW of power draw. I suppose the other use might be to run a high-end GPU folding farm. You could stack 5 or 6 water cooled GPUs into an appropriate motherboard and not have to worry too much about powering them all…

EDIT: love the idea of quad Devil 13s, but they only have 1 crossfire connector so I'm afraid that's not gonna happen :(