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Kingston releases the HyperX Alloy FPS mech gaming keyboard

by Mark Tyson on 25 October 2016, 10:01

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Memory specialist Kingston has made its first foray into the PC gaming keyboard market. The HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard (HX-KB1) was announced yesterday and is already available stateside at places like Amazon and Newegg. Kingston's first effort is a 'minimalistic' and compact design said to be ideal for FPS gamers. It features a solid steel frame, the well regarded Cherry MX (Blue) keyswitches, LED lighting, a detachable USB cable, plus USB device charging.

Kingston chose a space-saving design for its first keyboard as it "maximizes desktop space for FPS mouse movement," and makes it more easily portable. Furthermore buyers receive a travel sleeve for the keyboard and accessories, such as the detachable 1.8m USB cable, additional coloured and textured keycaps, and a key puller. Enhancing the rigidity offered by its steel frame, Kingston fits a "sturdy metal alloy top plate" to this floating keys keyboard design. While we are on the topic of appearance, Kingston has equipped this device with 'HyperX red' LEDs with six preset modes and five brightness levels.

As you might expect of a gaming keyboard from such a reputable company, it features all the usual bells and whistles seen on rival established gaming standards. The Cherry MX keys are fitted with Costar stabilisers, users can toggle between 6KRO and NKRO modes, the keyboard is 100 per cent Anti-Ghosting, and a game-mode disables the Windows key.

The HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard's extra USB port is charging only. This is nice and convenient but isn't a passthrough port – there is no data, so you can't use it as a convenient place to plug in your mouse. Keyboard measurements are 442 x 129 x 36mm, and it weighs 1050g. It will be made available in the USA, and UK, as well as in German, Nordic, Russian, and Spanish layouts in applicable territories. As mentioned in the intro, it is already available to buy online in the USA, priced at $99. Expect further keyswitch choices and an expanding range of HyperX keyboards in the not-too-distant future.

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Very nice looking keyboard. Well done Kingston
Very nice looking keyboard. Well done Kingston

Agreed, the minimal look is always a winner for me, shame about the harsh white logo and they seem to have dropped the ball a bit on the USB port not being passthru.

Price seems good as well for a Cherry mech, hopefully the UK pricing isn't stupid.
I wouldn't have thought Cherry MX Blue keys the first choice for gaming.

Other than that this keyboard doesn't seem half-bad. Kingston apparently has taken a leaf out of Corsair's playbook with regard to the “floating keys”. Funny thing how Corsair once used to solely sell memory kits as well before branching out …and very successfully at that.
Need a TKL version with RGB LEDs then I'll be interested