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MSI Interceptor DS300 Laser GAMING mouse launched

by Mark Tyson on 26 January 2016, 10:31

Tags: MSI

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MSI has launched a new ergonomic gaming mouse for right handed gamers. The MSI Interceptor DS300 Laser GAMING mouse boasts many of the specs you would expect of such a rodent, with particular standout features being it's; 8200 DPI laser sensor, Omron main switches, RGB LED lighting, and weight adjustment.

This new member of MSI's GAMING DS mouse range is said to be made from durable and high quality materials. As mentioned above, it's designed especially for the ergonomic comfort of right handed gamers, and the sides of the mouse are covered by anti-slip rubber grips. The DS300 features a fashionable braided cable (1.8m) and gold USB connector. While on the topic of appearance, the DS300 features RGB LED illumination with breathing and always-on effects plus there is a dedicated red-only DPI indicator by the mouse wheel.

MSI doesn't go overboard on the button count. There are only six in total including the two main left and right click buttons, scroll wheel button, DPI switcher and pair of thumb buttons. The two main mouse buttons feature long-life Omron switches (5 million + clicks) but the rest of the buttons are of unknown specification. MSI helps you make the most of your buttons, and the mouse in general, with its software facilitating macros, profiles and many other settings adjustments, savings and recall.

Your mouse scroll wheel is adjustable in 50 DPI steps between 100 and 8200 DPI. The DS300 measures 125 x 81 x 43mm and weighs about 150g. If you would like to tweak the weight of the mouse, you will be happy to know it can be adjusted thanks to the trio of removable 4.5g weights in the base.

In its email to HEXUS, MSI neglected to mention DS300 pricing and availability information.

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Nothing I've not seen before and still far too few buttons for my needs…
No thanks,its wired.
No, no no no no no no.

About as tasteful as a chav lass' underwear.
Not wireless?!
Come on! We're not in the “age of the wires” are we?
Am I in the minority that prefer a wired KB/Mouse?