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InfiniteUSB neatly solves your limited USB port problems

by Mark Tyson on 17 April 2015, 13:05

Tags: Kickstarter, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), MacBook

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Apple received a lot of stick over the recent launch of the super-slim 12-inch MacBook with Retina display. The price is a major sore point, the slim new laptop is going to cost at least £1049, even though it offers less performance than a 2011 vintage MacBook Air. However the decision to go with just a single USB port, even though it is of the compact reversible Type-C variety, probably caused even greater ire among readers.

The single USB Type-C port decision was made worse by the fact that Apple also decided to remove any dedicated power input socket from the laptop design. Buyers are expected to use a USB charger in the only USB port available to the device. Furthermore adaptors are required to connect things such as DisplayPort, HDMI (sold separately) and VGA (sold separately) displays.

Apple's single USB port decision looks to have made some people happy though. On Kickstarter a project offering backers InfiniteUSB - one USB port, unlimited devices is enjoying a roaring trade. The colourful USB cable pass-through connectors are backed to the tune of over $180,000 where only $10,000 was initially asked for.

While the InfiniteUSB product may be handy for the average person with only two or three easily reached USB ports on their PC or laptop it has really been boosted by the inclusion of an InfiniteUSB-C cable design. The cable designs available from the company include; Micro USB, Lightning connector, Female USB and USB Type-C.

The company behind these InfiniteUSB cables has put some thought into the design. An iF-award has been won by the designers. The cables are available in a variety of colours. Being flat, the cables are inherently tidier and are available in a two lengths; 20cm magnetic cables or 120cm cables.

Funding levels to obtain an InfiniteUSB cable start at $14 for a Micro USB, Lightning connector, or Female USB port model. InfiniteUSB-C cables start from $18.

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Wow, a piece of truly original, simple and brilliant design. Very impressed. But presumably does not overcome the problem that USB port is also the charging port so cannot use when charging?
Can't see why not as it's a pass-thru?
The design is ‘ok’ but maybe it's me but I'd personally rather see a device (ie the macbook) designed which didn't require adapters just to get fundamental usability…. yes yes I know the macbook is all about wireless connections but then they stick on a 3.5mm port for headphones instead of making people use bluetooth or even usb c type… they could have used that space for another usb c socket (and then sold a usb c to 3.5 adapter)… but wait that's likely their 2.0 model lol.
As per the FAQ, “Infinite” means “Six”
What is the thing on the end that looks like a square tennis ball?