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Oculus sells over 100,000 Rift development kits

by Mark Tyson on 3 July 2014, 14:16

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Oculus has announced that it has sold over 100,000 development kits with its Rift VR headset so far, including 60,000 units of its original DK1 headset and more than 45,000 pre-orders for the new DK2 since April, PC Advisor reports.

The second generation Oculus Rift dev kit opened for pre-orders back in March. Priced at $350, the new version is vastly improved with higher resolution and positional tracking and is expected to ship roughly 10,000 units by the end of July.

The updated version of the Rift targets the motion sickness some users experience when using the device using a low-persistence OLED screen, which reduces judder and motion blurring. It also includes an external camera, allowing the headset to add more degrees of positional tracking, including forward and backward, left and right and up and down.

These dev kit versions of Oculus Rift are not consumer-ready and are solely being sold as a prototypes, not intended for general use. However while many may have bought a kit to create VR games and other VR/AR software we can imagine that a few gaming enthusiasts out there will have snapped up some of the kits just for techy fun.

Oculus Rift third-person hack – it's you in a third person view

Just when you think you can't find any more weird ways to use the Oculus Rift, a techy tinkerer has decided to use one to view himself, doing this and that, from a third-person perspective, reports Gizmodo.

We're not quite sure if there's any real application in what he has created, but the project was put together by attaching a pair of GoPro cameras to a 3D-printed mount which is placed on a frame and attached to a backpack. The wearer of the backpack will be able to view himself from his Rift headset whilst being able to control the cameras with a joystick input.

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If I had the money, I'd be one of the enthusiasts - as long as it didn't require me to have/link-to a facebook account anyway.
My friend has one on order - it's due to arrive in August :)
Oculus Rift third-person hack – it's you in a third person view

The f**k?
Still waiting for mine and the unfortunate fact is that they're behind on manufacturing :(, they said they would ship between 20 and 30k units in July whereas now the real estimate is 5k units shipped by the middle of july and then a further 5k shipped right at the tail end(probabaly arrive in august) so they're probabaly around a month behind schedule which is a shame as I have been waiting for the DK2 for ages (skipped the DK1… was agonising!), ordered mine within 5 hours of launch so i am hoping that I am in the first 10k :P.

Cant wait for this its apparently so good… yes I am still yet totry it but its only the cost of 2 decent 23" monitors so the price is justifiable to me :D. I shall report back when my unit finally arrives.
Tried one of these at Eurogamer and it was a brilliant experience. I'm waiting for the consumer version before I jump in though, not too interested in developing for it, and by then support from games should be even better.