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Corsair bolsters Vengeance keyboard line-up with new K70s

by Tarinder Sandhu on 4 June 2013, 13:30

Tags: Corsair

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Adding to a new range of system memory and chassis, Corsair has also unveiled a number of new keyboards and mice at Computex 2013.

You will probably know that Corsair launched the Vengeance K70 keyboard back in March of this year. It was equipped with Cherry MX Red key switches that are favoured by many gamers. However gamers can be a fickle bunch, often preferring a different type of key feel, so Corsair is now bringing to market models using Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Blue switches. Both new versions have a slightly different finish but are available for the same $130 outlay.

K70's old hat to some degree, but the all-new K65 is a little different. The reduced-size keyboard does without the traditional num-pad, volume roller and backlighting though it still retains the Cherry MX Red switches of its bigger brother. Priced at a more-affordable 90 bucks it may tempt those who cannot stretch to the larger K70.

And a peripheral launch wouldn't be complete without a mice or two thrown in for good measure. Explaining more about the new range of input devices is Rick Allen, Corsair's director of public relations.


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DAMN!!!! I bought a K70 like last week I so wanted brown switches :(
Whilst I'm not a big fan of non-standard keyboard styling, I have to applaud Corsair (and CM Storm) for achieving backlighting at quite a keen price point.
Saving for one of these. Thanks Hexus for keep spending my money!
Ah damn they finally made a ten-key less keyboard but they forgot to add backlighting :(
This… is the one I want I think (K70 with brown switches).

Perhaps my only wish (as with all these high end keyboards) is that they had a more advanced USB hub, say 2-4 USB ports and USB 3. Why is USB 3 so difficult to implement? Seriously, it came out half a *decade* ago.

Now, which to go for… new silver, or traditional black?