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FSP NB PLUS competition: the lucky winners!

by Parm Mann on 14 July 2008, 14:02

Tags: FSP Group (TPE:3015)

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The latest HEXUS.winners win4FREE competition gave you the opportunity to win an FSP NB PLUS notebook adaptor, and we're happy to announce four lucky winners!

We asked HEXUS readers to come up with a new product name for FSP's unimaginatively titled NB PLUS, and we've had no shortage of entertaining entries. After plenty of deliberation, our chosen winners are:

  • FSP Reptilia Xtreme, by snahal
    Completely random, snahal. But we like it, we've no idea what it could mean, or how it relates to the product, but we'd be tempted to buy it!

  • FSP PowerTrip, by stavroshamster
    Nothing flamboyant about this one from stavroshamster, but it's a winner due to its "does exactly what it says on the tin" mentality.

  • FSP Dynamo+, by Zhaoman
    Sounds a little bit scary, but we like it.

  • FSP Super Happy Lappy Toppy Fun Time Universal Charging Device xTREEEEEM!, by Barkotron
    How could we not pick this one? Though, FSP's gonna need bigger packaging!

A big congratulations to our four lucky winners, you'll soon be finding one of these in your mailbox:

Our thanks go to FSP for supplying the prize and to all those who entered the competition. If you didn't win this time around, keep your eyes peeled for our next HEXUS.winners win4FREE competition!

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How about the “PowerUp! Slim”

Powerup being a series name, and thejn the next model can be called “PowerUp! MAX” :)

Or Just “PowerUp!” If you dont want any more of em :embarrassed:
FSP Slim Power for laptops
The FSP ChargeIt

or perhaps…

The FSP Super-Dooper-Laptop-and-USB-Device-Travel-Charger-Ten-Thousand