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NZXT unveils its first audio products - a headset ecosystem

by Mark Tyson on 7 November 2019, 11:20

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NZXT is often in the HEXUS news and reviews sections with new offerings added to its highly regarded chassis and cooling product ranges. In 2008 it branched out into PSUs, and it indulges in producing PC RGB illumination accessories and controls too. Successful firms often spread their wings into neighbouring product categories in order to grow and now NZXT has made its intentions of participating in the PC audio market clear. Its new AER family of products establishes an ecosystem around gaming headsets.

The suite of products that are due for release soon include; the AER series light weight Hi-Res Audio certified headsets (2 designs available initially), the MXER USB audio control desk with Wolfson DAC and Nahimic 7.1 Surround, and the STND all-steel headset stand with auto-switching (headset/speakers). You can see them all together in the image above.

NZXT AER headsets ($129)

There will be two headset models at launch; a closed ear cup model with "powerful bass" and the AER Open model with improved midrange audio and not blocking environmental awareness. Whichever you choose they are under 300g and have 40mm Hi-Res Audio certified drivers. Nahimic 7.1 Surround is available using a USB connection and NZXT's integrated software delivers an immersive, ultrawide soundstage adjustable via CAM.

NZXT has fitted these headsets with detachable cables and condenser mics which furthermore allow users to mount these to the left or right ear cup. Te provided PC connector cable is a good 1.8m long.

NZXT MXER audio control ($99)

This device is said to enable precision voice/game mixing with its "smooth, studio-grade fader". Again Nahimic 7.1 Surround with USB connection is available here. This mixer includes a high-quality 24bit / 96kHz DAC from Wolfson.

NZXT STND headset platform ($49)

This steel stand does more than keep your desk tidy. The powder coated frame facilitates automatic audio source switching. In use it will switch audio output to headphones when you pick up your headset to wear and switch back to speakers when you place the headset on the STND.

All these new NZXT products are backed by a 2 year warranty. You can sign up via the NZXT AER ecosystem website for product availability notifications.

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I could've sworn the headset would be called HDST.
Tht MXR thng lks wrd…
They really yeeted those vowels.
They really yeeted those vowels.
Is that a Hi Point reference?
They really yeeted those vowels.
Is that a Hi Point reference?
No - just looked, but one of the many definitions is basically to remove/move forcefully