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MSI adds the GM30 gaming mouse to its Clutch range

by Mark Tyson on 25 September 2019, 11:11

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MSI has sent reinforcements to its gaming peripherals lineup in the shape of the Clutch GM30 gaming mouse and GH50 gaming headset. In brief, the new mouse is a symmetrical design featuring Dragon Scale side grips and a gaming-grade optical sensor. Meanwhile, the new headset offers virtual 7.1 surround sound plus a vibration feature.

The new MSI Clutch GM30 gaming mouse is described as a medium sized ambidextrous design. Though it might not be sculpted to your right-handed or sinistral grip, the mouse is said to offer certainty in its hold thanks to the Dragon Scale side grips of this durable double injection moulded construction.

Inside the mouse is a PixArt PAW3327 optical sensor with resolution of up to 6200dpi. As is commonplace now, the dpi value can be toggled via a dedicated button above the mouse wheel (or via software). Beneath the two main buttons MSI has used Japan-made Omron switches with a lifespan of 20 million clicks.

Mystic Light RGB LED lighting is available and there are eight preset effects as well as many more that can be tweaked and synced via MSI Dragon Centre software.

If you are interested in the MSI Clutch GM30 it will be available this month starting at US$30.

MSI's Immerse GH50 gaming headset is a USB connected device with its own built-in sound card hardware providing virtual 7.1 surround sound. The audio is said to emanate from "high quality 40 mm drivers," which combined with the built-in vibration really give depth and feeling to in-game excitement. "Gunshots, explosions, roaring engines, you don’t just hear them, you feel them," gasps MSI's press team.

MSI hasn't been daring enough to eschew RGB LED lighting with the GH50. Thus you will find that the headset provides Mystic Light synced and 'Beats Mode' lighting, depending on what you fancy. Of course it is controllable via the MSI Dragon Centre software.

Other key features of the GH50 are; its detachable unidirectional microphone, inline controls for audio and rumble, metal adjustable and foldable headband, plus soft comfortable ear cups.

The MSI Immerse GH50 gaming headset will enter the market in September 2019 for a suggested retail price of US$69.


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MSI release pretty bog-standard kit.
In other news… scientists have proven, and studies have shown, that water is wet.

Oh, no wait, the headphones look like they come with a little stand. OK, that's a nice feature… assuming it is included. Product pages suggest otherwise, though.