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Razer BlackWidow Lite offers minimal looks, quiet performance

by Mark Tyson on 19 November 2018, 11:11

Tags: Razer

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Perhaps we've edged past the peak-gamer era where every premium PC accessory from the major manufacturers added RGB this-and-that, and brash performance was the be all and end all. We have started to see quite a lot of subdued style gaming laptops this year (even Alienware has toned things down a bit) and Razer has just introduced a quieter, less flashy version of its famous BlackWidow mechanical keyboard.

Razer is aiming the new BlackWidow Lite at those who need to work and play. It claims to be bringing its high performance gaming components to this essential office input peripheral to "raise the standard of productivity". At its core the new BlackWidow Lite offers "the best typing experience possible while being discreet," reasons the PC and gaming lifestyle company.

"We play hard, but we work just as hard," said Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO, in a news release. "One third of our daily lives are spent in front of desks, so we want you to experience a keyboard that makes typing feel great. The BlackWidow Lite keyboard was engineered to be the perfect companion for work and for play."

Immediately you can see that this is a modern and stylish yet 'exec' style TKL keyboard that fits in well in a sober office environment. Inside there are Razer Orange mechanical switches that provide near-silent, tactile feedback. Furthermore, Razer ships the keyboard with rubber o-rings to subdue any typing noise-pollution and for fatigue control.

Elsewhere the design features a practical detachable braided cable for easy storage and portability. Its individually white-backlit keys enable productivity in low light, with fully adjustable brightness controls. For further customisations a user can employ Razer Synapse 3 for advanced and granular lighting and input customisations (lighting patterns, macros, shortcuts and more).

Razer recognises that buyers might wish for matching 'performance-productivity' peripherals so you can choose to combine this TKL keyboard with the Razer Atheris and the Razer Goliathus Mobile Stealth, it suggests. The Razer Blade Stealth laptop, Razer Phone 2 and Razer HammerHead USB-C ANC earbuds also combine well with the new BlackWidow Lite, says Razer.

The Razer BlackWidow Lite is available right now direct online at $89.99/ €99.99. Select stores will have the keyboard in stock soon too.

Product Features:

  • Razer Orange Mechanical Switches – silent and tactile for discreet typing
  • 80-million-keystroke lifespan
  • Individually white backlit keys to stay productive even in low light conditions
  • Included o-rings and keycap puller
  • Razer Synapse 3 enabled
  • Detachable braided fibre cable with strap
  • 10-key rollover with anti-ghosting
  • Gaming mode option to disable windows key and alt+tab
  • Fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording
  • 1,000Hz Ultrapolling
  • Aluminium matte top plate
  • Instant Trigger Technology for the fastest typing response times

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Good lord, those images look dull….. Not just Noir or anything but, a seriously depressing version of a Dashiel Hammet style novel.

Suddenly RGB doesn't seem so bad, no? :p
Good lord, those images look dull….. Not just Noir or anything but, a seriously depressing version of a Dashiel Hammet style novel.

Suddenly RGB doesn't seem so bad, no? :p
They look “artsy”. ;-)

And yes, RGB overload still seems (and looks) bad.
They look “artsy”. ;-)
Yes, and that's what's so sickening about it… It's only missing a few fag ends and one still-lit cigarette, softly trailing smoke from one of those ashtray-looking pots by the scissors.

And yes, RGB overload still seems (and looks) bad.
So use it as it's intended and tone it down to something more tasteful…
Thought it was silver at first. Then I realised it was black, not interested anymore. I wish companies would offer more white or silver keyboards.
Eh, looks nice, slightly too expensive, would probably only buy for one specific friend if it had cherry greens.