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Computex 2005: FSP, AC-DC for your LCD

by Nick Haywood on 1 June 2005, 00:00

Tags: FSP Group (TPE:3015)

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Computex 2005: FSP, AC-DC for your LCD

Computex 2005: FSP, AC-DC for your LCD

No, this isn’t TLA overload time from FSP, but a new line they’ve brought out to compliment they’re very affordable replacement laptop power supply range.

The LCD Monitor Adapter runs at an efficiency of 80% (that’s good, by the way) and knocks out 60W at +12V with built-in short circuit and over voltage protection. Supplied with a range of pins to fit most brands of LCD, it fulfils the same role as FSP’s NB range of replacement laptop PSUs.. except it’s for LCDs, obviously. Coming from FSP, you can expect the same high standards and low price they’ve shown before in their products… just what you need when you spill coffee down the back of the desk because your boss is working you like a slave…

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