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Corsair Glaive RGB mouse has swappable thumb grips

by Mark Tyson on 5 May 2017, 11:01

Tags: Corsair

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Corsair has launched the Glaive RGB gaming mouse. The performance PC components and peripherals maker claims a couple of unique attractions for this new gaming mouse. First and foremost, the Glaive RGB will offer gamers "unmatched comfort," thanks to its trio of interchangeable thumb grips and contoured shape. Secondly, Corsair has equipped a custom designed PMW3367 gaming grade optical sensor from PixArt which offers from 100-16,000 DPI.

You can see the three thumb grip options above and below - yes this mouse isn't ambidextrous. The choice is between smooth curves, a rubberized grip or a wide thumb rest. Magnets hold the respective grips in place, nice and strongly one would hope.

In all this mouse pack in six buttons, with the main left and right clickers being high performance Omron devices rated at 50 million actuations. Corsair's Glaive RGB mouse wheel is made from aluminium which is coated in rubber. The buttons can be configured and used for macros if you wish using Corsair's utility software.

PixArt supplies the sensor Corsair uses in the Glaive RGB. This custom sensor has a model number of PMW3367, similar to the regular PMW3360 and to the custom version used by Logitech in recent rodents (PMW3366). Sensitivity can be adjusted between 100-16,000 DPI in single DPI steps and the sensor is said to provide ultra-accurate and high-speed tracking.

RGB LEDs are installed in three zones of the Glaive RGB; logo, side bar and front. The lighting is programmable and synchronisable.

Corsair CUE software helps you get the most out of the Glaive RGB gaming mouse. You will want to use it for synchronising lighting with your other Corsair peripherals, using and storing lighting presets, mouse button remapping, in-depth macro control, and more. Thankfully the mouse has memory on board, so once set up to your preferences the mouse will behave in the same way on any PC - without need for CUE software.

In simple bullet points you can check over the key attractions of the Corsair Glaive RGB below:

  • Contoured shape: Designed so you can game longer without fatigue.
  • Custom, gaming grade 16,000 DPI optical sensor: Ultra-accurate and high-speed tracking engine. Native 16,000 DPI resolution, settable to 1 DPI steps, can be custom tuned to virtually any type of mouse pad.
  • Interchangeable thumb grips: Choose between three thumb grip styles for a tailored fit.
  • Onboard profile storage: Saves lighting effects, macros and DPI settings for universal access to your profile on any PC, without the need for drivers or additional software.
  • Surface calibration tuning utility: Optimizes sensor precision and responsiveness for your playing surface.
  • High-performance Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks: Custom tuned for gaming, providing an ultrafast response and reliability over time.
  • Dynamic multicolour three-zone backlighting: Customizable RGB backlighting immerses you in the game by providing nearly unlimited lighting adjustability.
  • Aluminium scroll wheel with rubber grip: Ensures solid response and accuracy.
  • Ultrafast 1ms lag-free gameplay: Supports up to 1000Hz/1ms refresh rate for a near instant response to your movements.
  • Weight: 122g
  • Size: 125.8mm x 91.5mm x 44.6mm
  • Cable: 1.8m braided USB.

The Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse is available with black or aluminium accents. It's available immediately from authorised retailers priced at £69.99. Buyers get a two year warranty.

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I struggle with swappable parts on things like this, on one hand it is great to have a choice but on the other hand I find you end up only using one option and the rest become redundant (as learned with the xbox one elite controller)
Aside from adding RGB, are companies really just making the same old things, here?
All these new keyboards that look the same, all these mice with 4 buttons and a 5-way scroll… does having 16,000 dpi over 15,995 dpi really make that much difference?
Think James Donkey did this first with the 007 model
i wish more companies provided the accessory i NEED the most on a mouse, a pinky ledge :P
Seems good but I prefer the Scimitar as the extra buttons really make it easy to use on games like League of Legends