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First TV white space network chip unveiled by UK based Neul Ltd

by Mark Tyson on 13 February 2013, 14:45

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Cambridge based tech company Neul Ltd has announced the release of “the world’s first TV White Space transceiver chip”. The single chip solution, named Iceni, is able to tune across the entire UHF white space spectrum. It was developed by the same team behind the world’s first single-chip Bluetooth device.

The new ASIC was designed in collaboration with the Weightless Special Interest Group who have drafted an open specification detailing M2M (machine to machine) communications within white space. The chip uses license-exempt white space radio frequencies “to access the high quality UHF spectrum that has become available due to the transition of television from analog to more efficient digital broadcasting”.

The chip will cost less than $2, have a 10Km range and run for 10+ years on a single primary battery cell.

The Iceni single chip solution draws very little power “while delivering reliable, secure, long range wireless, non-line-of-sight connectivity to previously unreachable applications and locations for both machine-to-machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT), as well as for applications in wireless broadband” explains Neul’s press release. In addition WSIG has put out its own press release here.

What kinds of devices will benefit from using the new single chip solution? James Collier, founder and CEO of Neul, says “The Iceni chip allows us to connect to devices that were previously unreachable. This opens up entirely new options for connectivity in healthcare, transport, education, heavy industry and more.” The chip will “help build smart infrastructure and applications at huge cost savings, without sacrificing bandwidth or reliability” he said.

The Weightless group see this new wireless communication network standard “becoming the global standard for mobile communications”. The organisation’s blog reminds us that there is still several months to go before an volume production will be started. Also Iceni will not be the fastest, cheapest or most efficient Weightless standard chip to emerge but it’s succeeded in being the first and completing initial tests successfully.

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