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Asus launches the VG245H gaming monitor for console users

by Mark Tyson on 19 October 2016, 13:31

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), AMD (NYSE:AMD)

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Asus has unveiled the VG245H Gaming Monitor. Taking a different tack from the usual, Asus seems to be targeting console gamers with this new 24-inch, full HD, TN panel monitor. Headline features of the VG245H include; a 1ms response time, dual HDMI ports, and an ergonomic stand, FreeSync/Adaptive Sync technology with up to 75Hz refresh rate, and various Asus exclusive gaming technologies.

This non-glare coated monitor's fast response time is enhanced by 'GameFast Input Technology', says Asus. This is a technology designed to reduce input lag, so gamers can better keep up to speed with the action. The 75Hz maximum refresh rate is said to be a step up from what most domestic TV screens offer.

Asus GamePlus technology, GameVisual technology, Flicker-Free technology, and Ultra-Low Blue Light technology also all feature in this monitor. Asus Gameplus is a hotkey system that provides various screen overlays such as crosshairs, timers and FPS counters. Asus Gamevisual consists of six preset display settings tuned for different content and games types (Scenery / Racing / Cinema / RTS / RPG / FPS / sRGB Modes). Eye-health friendly flicker free, and low blue light features are self explanatory features.

Currently FreeSync/Adaptive Sync technology only works with suitably equipped PCs. Via this tech the new Asus monitor can adjust the refresh rate between 40 and 75Hz for smooth, tear-free gaming experiences. Asus seems to think users will plug in a combination of games console, TV box, and PC/laptop to the VG245H. However, it also includes a VGA D-Sub port. For audio functionality this monitor offers stereo (2x 2W) speakers and has 3.5mm in and out ports.

Asus's stand is quite flexible, offering Tilt : +33°~-5°, Swivel : -90°~+90°, Pivot : +90°~-90°, and Height Adjustment : 0~130 mm. If that doesn't suit, this 5.1Kg screen can be VESA (100 x 100mm) mounted to an alternative stand or wall mount.

This monitor is for sale right now in the US, priced at $189.99 on Amazon.

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I don't understand how this is specifically targeting console gamers–more just gamers in general. Although the mere fact that they mention consoles might mean they're targeting it…Also that price is hard to beat.

EDIT: Nevermind, I opened the Amazon link and was blasted with all the console PR. :P
It has dual HDMI ports and speakers thats all it does for consoles, they dont leverage any of the other active features, other than the passive stuff like eye strain and low latency.

What they could have done is included a calibrated console profile for 16-235 colour range TV's use and programmed the EDID of the HDMI ports to default to that so it has a separate display mode from the PC and you dont have to mess with HDMI colour range settings on the console.

My BenQ has the 16-235 on by default for HDMI but the profile in use is global and applies to all inputs unfortunately.