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EIZO announces world’s first 240Hz gaming monitor

by Mark Tyson on 30 October 2013, 17:08

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EIZO Corporation of Japan has launched the FORIS FG2421 monitor, aimed at gamers. This new LED backlit monitor features ‘Turbo 240’, a response time of less than 1ms, low input lag and gaming preset modes developed in collaboration with professional e-sports teams. EIZO also notes that the screen’s contrast ratio makes it easier to spot enemies lurking in the shadows.

EIZO is better known for design professional, air traffic control and medical screen technology and looks like it has done far more than a repackaging job to come up with this new gaming monitor. With the right supporting components this monitor should enhance your gameplay to provide “the smoothest image display available on a gaming monitor.” The firm reckons the FORIS FG2421 is ideal for first-person shooter, racing, fighting, and other fast-action genres.

Gaming focussed features

Turbo 240 is one of the headline features of the FORIS FG2421 and EIZO has prepared a white paper explaining the advantages of this functionality in some depth. In summary however, Turbo 240 doubles the input signal from 120fps to 240fps and blinks the backlight of the screen to insert a black screen. This kind of impulse-type display has a property of making it very hard for any user to perceive any motion blur.

The use of customised colour modes and profiles adapted for gaming is another feather in the EIZO’s gaming cap. Two presets for FPS and RTS are already built into the monitor setup. Screenmanager Pro for Gaming is bundled with the monitor and gaming presents from pro gaming and e-sports teams can be easily downloaded and used by owners of this monitor. The software is adaptable and you can build and save your own presets too.

EIZO informs us that the FORIS FG2421 uses a new VA (vertical alignment) panel with a native contrast ratio of 5000:1. “This is 5 times more than what other gaming monitors offer and increases the visibility in dark scenes so you can spot enemies more quickly,” according to the promotional literature.

Looking at ergonomic considerations the monitor has a built in ambient light sensor to help reduce eyestrain and the monitor stand offers a good degree of adjustment as you can see from the full spec list below.

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Wow, that looks very nice. At first I was going to say whose PC can actually run new games at 240fps but looks like you only need 120 (unless I'm missing something here). Which is still rather large but no visible motion blur sounds blissful.
ARGH and I just bought an asus 27" 144Hz monitor! Still, would be good to hear how 120Hz/lightboost compares with this 120Hz2 turbo mode. The display itself sounds nice, it takes a bit of getting used to the washed out colours of 120Hz/lightboost!
a monitor that is atleast 120hz and not a TN panel… might be sold here haha! Now if only my GPU could provide 120fps in every game :(.

Any word on price?
Very nice, just need to invest in a couple of R290X's to power it along ! I guess the price will be rather high despite only being a 1080 screen though.
Sadly it's not actually 240 Hz.

It's only capable of receiving input signals of 120 Hz, the monitor receives the frame then either doubles it or inserts black frames in-between giving you ‘240 Hz’. This technology does make it appear slightly smoother but does still have slight motion blur and overdrive trailing.

It is Eizo though so the picture quality is very good, especially once calibrated.