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BenQ shows 24in HDMI monitor

by Steve Kerrison on 12 March 2006, 15:08

Tags: BenQ Monitors, BenQ

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As the release of Windows Vista draws closer, it's necessary to consider some of its software and hardware requirements, especially if you want to watch high-definition content that is rights-managed by Vista. Industry adoption and consumer acceptance aside, a new form of DRM will require an HDMI monitor and graphics card to allow video to be played back at full resolution.

We've already seen a press release or two, and a few examples of HDMI-based products. The list of HDMI hardware is slowly growing, with a number of manufacturers adding to it at CeBIT.


BenQ's FP241W is a 24in monitor with HDMI. It also has DVI-D, DSUB and inputs for composite, component and S-video, so should be compatible with pretty much any video output device. It has a claimed grey-to-grey response time of 8ms and on/off of 12ms. Maximum resolution is said to be 1920x1200, with - HD fans please note - 1080p input supported.

Good support for current and new technologies, then. So, at the right price, this monitor could attract a fair few buyers.


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