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JOLED builds mass production lines for printed OLED displays

by Mark Tyson on 10 April 2019, 13:21

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OLED display research, development, manufacturing, and sales company JOLED has stated that it hopes to begin mass production of such displays in 2020. The Japanese firm opened a pilot line back in 2016 and now has funding, plans and plant in place for the production of 220,000 units of per month starting next year. Display panels produced will be between 10- and 32-inches in diagonal.

The world's first printed OLED display mass-production lines are being built now at the recently established (1st April) JOLED Chiba site. Development of this facility, which is approx 34,000m2, has gained JPY25.5 billion in backing from the likes of Sony, INCJ, and Nissha.

Further details of the operations are provided as follows:

  • JOLED has a proprietary RGB printing technology for producing OLED displays for efficient output
  • Printed OLED displays will be pre-processed at the JOLED Nomi Site.
  • Post processing will occur at the JOLED Chiba site.
  • Assembly and inspections of completed OLED products will ship to customers from Chiba.

JOLED says that its customers intend to use the 10- and 32-inch OLED displays it produces in products ranging from in-car displays to high-end computer monitors. In collaboration with Nissha some of the OLED displays will be developed for touch input.

One hopes that the above news will mean more widespread availability of PC monitors and laptops featuring OLED displays next year, with the growth in adoption similar to that seen in the smartphone market recently.

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27 inch oled 3k ultrawide pls @120hz
So there will be 32" 4K OLED monitors. Bring it on
+1, I was wondering about the refresh rates myself, and I hope this helps drive competition in the gaming monitor market.
27 inch oled 3k ultrawide pls @120hz
Can my Office DeskJet print these, do i need new cartridges for it?
I'm just excited for laptops with OLED screens, the battery life on those are going to be sweet!