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Oz airline tells Dell owners to whip 'em out and tape 'em up

by Bob Crabtree on 24 August 2006, 01:58

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The batteries in their laptop PCs, that is!

Qantas logo

Fire-risk worries about the batteries in certain Dell laptops - see this HEXUS.lifestyle.headline about Dell's massive recall programme - resulted in a jumpy reaction from Australian airline Qantas. It instructed all passengers who own Dell PCs to remove their batteries and tape up the contacts, according to the The Sydney Morning Herald.

However, it looks as though Qantas has since scaled things back and is now merely asking passengers carrying Dells to identify themselves to cabin crew - to receive (hopefully battery-specific) personal instructions.

Of course, that wouldn't be a terribly practical idea for Qantas flights leaving the UK if high security levels because of terrorism concerns mean that all airlines are still forcing passengers to put their PCs in the hold, rather than carry them aboard as hand-luggage.

Wondering if laptop ownership and air travel are really worth all the hassle? Let us know your thoughts in this thread in the HEXUS.lifestyle.news forum.


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The Sydney Morning Herald -  Safety first for carry-on Dells

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I've had a look at your other posts perlmode and they seem to be in order, but that above post sounds very close to adverting. Can I advise you that if you want to advertise on HEXUS you can find the contact details on the front page. On the otherhand, if you happen to write like a commercial, please try and keep a check so we don't mistake you for a spammer.
The boss recently flew to Las Vegas, and had to have his battery put in the hold…despite the fact I'd checked that it wasn't one of the ones affected…oh well :)