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Mr Modchip wins landmark mod-chipping case

by Nick Haywood on 13 June 2008, 16:30

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That'll put the cat among the pigeons!

Xbox 360 fansite, TeamXecuter, is reporting a landmark judgement upholding the legal argument that modchips do not circumvent copy protection.

This means that a case brought against mod-chip site, MrModchips, for copyright infringement with the ruling that copyright infringement has already taken place before the modchip is used. The upholding of this argument means that all 26 counts levelled against MrModchips have been quashed.

This is a big problem for ELSPA as copyright infringment has been the main-stay of their legal argument against modchipping. MrModchips has been awarded full costs from the successful appeal, further underlining the ruling. We'll leave it to the legal eagles amongst you to discuss whether past defendants brought to the courts by ELSPA would now be in a position to appeal their cases.

Tell us what you think in the forums.

Read the story over on TeamXecuter.

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Considering this is what ELSPA has been fighting against for some time, it's going to be interesting to see what they say after this verdict. They can't be happy.
Mr Modchip has quite a good rep in the mod chipping scene…. I have heard good thins about him before… :laugh:

You know how they all argue that mod chipping is for “backups and imports”… that's mostly BS, 95+% of mod chips are used for piracy.

They should be illegal IMO…
Its like the case against the resale of demo CD's, just because you slap a product with ‘not for resale’ stickers does not make it legally binding.
As far as I can tell, their is nothing wrong with mod-chips, yes they CAN be used for piracy, but one could say exactly the same about your adverage PC.

Although it all depends in the type of chip you are installing really, some do very differnt things to others.
I got a modchip for my xbox so i could run XBMC - a bloody great program with good legit uses - not so i could play dodgy games.
I got a modchip for my xbox so i could run XBMC - a bloody great program with good legit uses - not so i could play dodgy games.

QFT - I did the same - mod chips do have some good and legit purposes - isnt there a Wii mod chip floating about that enables the Wii to play dvd movie discs?